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"Discovering the Art of Pole Dance: A Beginner's Comprehensive Guide"

Count on Pole Icons Chicago and The Brass Ring Chicago to kickstart your pole dance journey with confidence. Check out our list of TOP 10 beginner pole dance tips below!

Are you ready to break free from the overwhelming thoughts holding you back from trying pole dancing? It's time to start your journey and discover a whole new world of possibilities. Don't let the fear of failure stop you from embracing something new and exciting! Pole dancing is an inclusive and empowering activity for every individual, regardless of gender, age, race, ability, body type, or background. There's a place for everyone in our vibrant community, whether you're drawn to the sensuality of movement, the art of dance, building strength, mastering tricks, or even strutting in heels for the first time! You'll find all the encouragement and support you need right here. Let this Guide be your gateway to an exhilarating pole dancing experience! Let's do this!

Step One: 

Commit to JUST ONE class! The Intro to Pole is held every Saturday at Brass Ring, 2511 W North Avenue. It is also held every OTHER Sunday at the Icons locations, 1919 N Milwaukee Avenue. 

Step Two:

Download the FREE App, Pole Icons, and purchase a $15 First Visit! Sign into the class that works for your schedule. Opt into email and SMS for all the discounts and info about our Referral programs that earn you rewards for sharing the love of pole with friends!

Step Three: 

Follow us on Insta @thebrassring2.0 and @poleicons and @chicagoprovocateur for free community events, charity donation classes, and more!

Step Four 

Read the following TIPS below on what to expect, how to prepare, and get ready for an amazing time!

Frequently Asked Questions and Guidelines for Your First Class!

1. You DON’T have to buy anything fancy (unless you want to!), standard exercise clothes work fine for the first class! You DO need skin to stick to the pole so after the first class, shorts (without a lot of loose fabric) and sports bras are great, swimsuits work too! 

2. Make a Pole Bag! Here are some things to include and things to leave behind! 

  • You’ll want to bring a water bottle, but we have everything else for you like mats, towels, rubbing alcohol, etc!

  • Socks are helpful for Floorwork and Flex, so stash a pair in your pole bag.

  • Leave the Jewelry at home! We don’t allow things like rings or watches that can scratch the poles. 

  • Optional but highly recommended: Knee pads! These are essential for Floorwork. You can get any knee pad you like (Amazon has lots of options but there are some great pole brands too). 

  • Heels are also optional but are like another apparatus. We even have a beginner heels class. 6” Platforms are great to start with as long as they have a lot of ankle support! We recommend getting a boot first as they have the most stability for beginners. 

  • If you find you’re very sweaty on your hands you can always buy a $10 Grip Aid like Dry Hands. We usually have some to try in the studio. We provide 100% rubbing alcohol to wipe down the pole but cleaning them also helps with gripping!

3. Don’t wear any lotions right before class, it will make you slip more! Put as much time between moisturizing and class as possible.  

4. We DO share poles. There are never more than 2 per pole, but trust us when we say you’ll appreciate the breaks! It’s also a great way to meet a new pole friend! We wipe the poles down in between with rubbing alcohol and individual towels that we provide. 

5. Speaking of pole friends! We have a wonderful diverse community and want to make sure everyone is not only welcomed, but respected as well. When you introduce yourself, let us know your pronouns!

6. Bruising is normal! It will go away in time, especially as you learn to master tricks. Arnica gel helps a lot of students to heal a bit quicker. 

7. Pole does require shoulder engagement (which we teach you!) so make sure to show up ON TIME as we lock the door promptly 5 minutes after the start of class to ensure a full warm-up to help prevent injury. Let your instructor know if you have any prior injuries. 

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Your teacher is there for you! They can give you modifications and options. All bodies learn tricks differently so it’s ok if some tricks take you a bit longer. Our bodies prefer different tricks based on height, size, flexibility, etc. Listen to YOUR body!

9. If you have to miss class make sure to sign yourself out through the App within the 4hr cancellation window. 

10. Have FUN!!!

After finishing the Intro class, it is advisable to begin with the 1-hour Fundamentals classes (try a few, ideally at least 5 sessions!). Following these, consider classes like Spin Pole 1, Floorwork 1, Choreo 1, Flex and Conditioning, and Freestyle, all of which are great for beginners. You can buy class packs or opt for a monthly membership for more flexibility between 60 and 90-minute classes (refer to the pricing page for more information).

Check out our next post on a 30 Day Beginners Challenge! This will cover a sample schedule for beginner pole dancing classes at our Chicago sister studios!

Complete our form here if you wish to organize a private event!

If you have questions email us at!

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