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"I chanced on my first pole dance class a little over six years ago. My student journey quickly led me into teacher training with a desire to share my newfound passion with as many students as I could.


I love seeing students succeed and fearlessly pursue their goals. Teaching is my greatest love because it allows me to share in the joy of my students and to support them with compassion and understanding. I believe pole dance offers people a safe environment that fosters fierce strength, personal empowerment and grace.

In my experience pole dance has something for everyone: a fun and challenging workout, a community, a mode of self discovery and an avenue of personal expression. I can't wait to have you in class and share with you my enthusiasm for the art of pole dance.


I am a certified pole, yoga, aerial yoga and flexibility instructor. I am pole certified through the elevatED program, have obtained my 300 hr yoga certification from yoga alliance and my aerial yoga certification from AIR."


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“I had always wanted to be a dancer, but since I had never taken classes as a child, I felt like it was too late for me. I joined a dance club in college and fell in love with expressing myself through movement. I had so much passion for the way it made me feel that I continued to practice. I gained confidence and when I found pole dancing I instantly knew it was where I belonged. I felt like I had another chance at life.


Pole dancing empowers me, and challenges my body while giving me the freedom to be as sexual as I want to be. That is part of the experience I strive to share with my students. 

As a teacher I love sharing the joy that a student experiences when they learn a new trick. In class, I prioritize two things. First, I value proper alignment so our bodies work the way that they should without injury. Second, I want students to have fun and find the joy in their journey. 

Outside of pole dance you can normally find me being active either at the gym or through yoga & acroyoga. Perhaps I’m reading a book on astrology or the law of attraction. I’m also a boudoir, portrait and wedding photographer with a mission to empower women to love themselves.”

Nesli the Chocolate

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