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Intro Class

This class is tailored especially to new students who are interested in starting their pole journey. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. You will also get a preview of our unique 8 week session classes. You'll be guided through a slow and sensually focused warmup, followed by pole and floor work, culminating in a short and sweet routine that pulls it all together. 

We REQUIRE taking this class before starting in 1hr Fundamental Pole Tricks if you've never taken a pole class before! 

Intros are held every other Sunday at Pole Icons/Provocateur Location and EVERY Saturday at Brass Ring/Carte Blanche Location!

Sign up in our APP "Pole Icons"!

Runtime: 90 minutes



Sensual 8 Week Session 

Led by a certified pole and dance instructor, this class will have you safely on the pole from day 1! If you're interested in a progressive series to awaken or enliven your sensuality and sexuality, this class is for you. Learn the language of your body and how to move fluidly in it as we integrate both static and spin pole into a comprehensive level class. Enjoy the camaraderie of a supportive group in a space that offers sanctuary and supportive instruction to all body types, ages, and abilities. This class is appropriate for anyone who is interested in learning how to move sensually! For some of us, it's important to have a space to explore our sensuality in a safe group setting that helps us get comfortable, because F*** the patriarchy. We do acknowledge and celebrate that pole comes from femme stripper culture and some parts may have more of a femme focus!

If you have previous experience and are unsure of level placement outside of Level 1, please call the studio. Must register and sign up for entire 8 week session.


Runtime: 90 minutes


Advanced Sensual 8 Week Session (Level 5+)

Continue to dive deep into your pole journey in this 2 hour class that includes a sensually and strength based warmup, pole tricks, combos, dance and movement exercises, and even time to free dance. Consider this as your advanced playground that will challenge you in exciting and creative new ways! 

*Note that you do not need to have mastered all the tricks in Levels 1-5 in order to move into this class.*


Runtime: 2 hours



Pole Tricks
Levels 1-3

This class is a favorite among many of our students. In this 90 minute format we focus on increasing strength and further developing sound technique on the pole. Class will include dance based movements, static spins and combos. 

Runtime: 90 minutes or 60 minutes (Fundamentals)


Call for Level Placement 

(Fundamentals: We HIGHLY recommend you start in an Intro to Pole class held on every other Sunday of each month at Provocateur Location and every Saturday at Carte Blanche).

(Level 1 We recommend an unassisted Basic Climb and to have taken at least 5 Fundamentals classes.)

(Level 1.5 We recommend unassisted Basic Invert, Climb, Jasmine, Clean Leg hangs and Butterly)

(Level 2 We recommend unassisted Shoulder Mount and Extended Butterfly )

(Level 3 We recommend unassisted Ayesha and Handspring)


Spin Pole-Levels 1 and 2

Ready to spin yourself into a new realm of pole? Come experience our spin classes where your instructor will teach you beautiful tricks and take you through carefully crafted spin flows on the pole. Feel the power of controlling your body in stunning spin moves while learning proper technique and mechanics. Give it a twirl! 

Runtime: 60 minutes


Call for level placement 

Level 1 (We recommend having taken at least 5 of the 1hr Fundamental Pole Tricks classes or have previous experience on static pole. Any inversions will lower down into them.)

Level 2 (Must have an unassisted Invert and Climb to attend! (Spin 1 focuses on upright tricks, descents, and fundamental movements.)

Freestyle Dance

Come celebrate freestyle dance at its finest! This class begins with a yummy warm-up followed by a prompt based class. Please bring whatever you love to dance in (shoes, clothes, props, you name it!) This class is not recommended for beginners but for those who are looking to elevate and explore their fluidity ahd sensuality in a supportive class setting. When not dancing, you are an active participant as a viewer, cheering along your fellow dancers. 


Runtime: 60 minutes



Choreography 1 and 2

In choreography you will learn a small dance piece from a variety of different genres. You will work on elements of low flow, fluidity and musicality. The instructor will build on a piece throughout class that you'll get to embody and play with. This class can be taken heels or barefoot. 

Runtime: 60 minutes

GENDER-INCLUSIVE*Please brings heels/socks and knee pads*

Floorwork 1 and 2

In floorwork, we focus on the basics such as headstands, shoulder rolls and much more! Elegantly and smoothly glide from one trick to another as you discover the strength required to create interesting and fun transitions. Floorwork compliments your fluidity on the pole and will challenge you in new ways! Learn the technique behind those deceptive floor moves that capture your attention and build confidence in your body. Level up as you level the ground with your curves!

Runtime: 60 minutes


*Please brings heels/socks and knee pads*



This 90 minute class features a rotating schedule that highlights and focuses on a different aspect of flexibility each week. Learn safe techniques that will enhance your natural range of motion and take your flexibility to new heights. Class alternates between a focus on front splits, center splits/hips, forward folding and twisting/side body and shoulders. 

Call to see what week you'll be dropping into!

Runtime: 90 minutes




Our newest addition to the schedule! Come explore all things heels! Learn the basics and how to safely flow with strength and grace!

Runtime: 60 minutes



Foundational Inverts

Runtime: 60 minutes



Chicago Pole Dance Classes
Choose from Beginner Pole, 
to Advanced Pole Tricks, Floorwork, Flexibility and More

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